Gatka – The Sikh Fighting Style

Expert Nanak Dev Ji, the owner of the Sikh religion, was born right into a kshatriya (fighter clan) loved ones, as were much of his 1st devotees.

His successor, Guru Angad Dev Ji, encouraged followers to teach the physical body physically, emotionally and also emotionally. It is claimed that after completing conversations in spiritual wisdom, the Guru would inquire his pupils to sit in as well as wrestle in other physical activities.

Master Hargobind Sahib Ji propagated the idea of the enthusiast st as well as emphasised the need for his followers to exercise defending self-defence.

After the affliction of his papa and fifth Guru, Guru Hargobind Sahib JiGuru Arjan Dev Ji, Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji took up upper arms in order to shield the future era of Sikhs and to stand up against domination and also injustice.

When fifty-two Rajput royal princes were actually grabbed due to the Muslim defeaters, the Guru set up an army to release all of them. This caused more substitutions in the martial societies of the Sikhs and Rajputs. Both the Rajputs as well as Punjabis favoured the sword as their principal tool.

The Khalsa’s goals were actually to overcome oppression, help the bad, prayer the one God, abandon superstitious notion, as well as guard the Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwalefaith. This is symbolized due to the Kirpan, one of the 5 Ks which every baptised Sikh is called for to lug.

In relation to educating the brotherhood, Guru Gobind Singh pledged that he would “teach the sparrow to eliminate the war hawk”.

Throughout the later 17th century, the Sikhs was accountable for shielding India’s north coming from international conquerors. Having actually warded off an amount of Afghan invasions, they eventually went on to fill the electrical power gap left behind after the failure of the Mughals.

Gatka has actually been a properly practiced martial art by followers of the Sikh religion for hundreds of years. It is claimed that even throughout the 1984 strike on the Sikh’s most holiest shrine the Golden Temple, Sikh warriors used the martial art to avoid the Indian military authorities coming from violating the Golden Temple even additionally.


Gatka is a historical fighting procedure had fun with wooden sticks and additionally named Gatka fine art (stick-fighting). It is an Indian fighting style connected with the Sikh background.

This craft is actually an essential part of vast arena of Sikh Shastar Vidiya making up practise & use of numerous items as well as physical exercises by the Sikh competitors also referred to as Nihangs.

The Nihangs have given the luxuriant methods of Shastar Vidiya likewise known as Sikh Martial fine art, through productions, since the 6th Guru, Sri Guru Hargobind Ji. The tenth Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji was called the best expert of weaponry of his time.

The Sikhs mastered Shastar Vidiya & Gatka craft and refined its usage in wars. The Sikhs have been responsible for the rebirth of this particular early craft ensuring its own survival even with mass oppression of the native populace in India through overseas invaders like the Mughals and others for numerous thousands of years.

The Sikhs efficiently utilized weaponry approaches as well as Gatka craft throughout the 17th as well as 16th centuries for their protection versus aggressiveness.

During the British colonial regulation in the 19th century in India, the British eventually outlawed Sword, Neja, Gatka and also the Sikhs’ custom of carrying falchions therefore concerning prevent defiance and also anti-colonial sentiments.

During this time, many Indian fighting styles needed to be practiced in secret and also were actually usually limited to backwoods. They endured as folk-sports in certain adjusted designs by substituting stick instead of saber.

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By means of its personal progression and attempts of Gatka sports bodies like World Gatka Federation, Gatka Federation of India, Punjab Gatka Association as well as Gatka Akharas (training camp) all over the world, Gatka has actually progressed via the years to its own present condition as a fighting style of wonderful valour.

Gatka is actually a design of stick-fighting in between 2 or even additional professionals, along with wooden sticks (referred to as Soti) intended to replicate sabers. The present kind created in later 19th century, is divided in two sub-styles, called Rasmi (typical) as well as Khel (sport) from the year 1920.

In Gatka, the “Stick” and also “Farri” are also made use of to swap the saber and also cover respectively for practice as well as safety purposes. When one proponent strikes, the rival obstructs it and afterwards counter-attacks the gamer. The essential approach is based on “cease and attack” the challenger.

Gatka is actually practised for self-defence and also combat battling abilities since ancient time(s) however nowadays it ended up being popular sport in India and also accessible to the all communities. Gatka promotion means to support national pride and also create a powerful Nation.

The typical Gatka was actually commonly at show and tell during the course of religious processions but the World Gatka Federation, Gatka Federation of India, Punjab Gatka Association possess standardized the Gatka as a video game in India and constantly promoting, promoting and revitalizing it as a sporting activity at global as well as nationwide level comparable to other identified video games.

Previously, just the young boys could be observed doing this craft and now gals have also used it as well as are actually doing effectively.


The Panjab University at Lahore, currently developed at Chandigarh, is actually the trailblazer university in Gatka sporting activity as it had actually been arranging inter-college and inter-varsity Gatka competitions consistently prior to dividing of India and prepared Gatka regulation in 1936 for playing Gatka as a game in sports outfit.

After 1985, the Gatka suffered a great deal as all the colleges & educational institutions of Punjab stopped its normal competitions. It was actually the Punjabi University Patiala that step-in in the year 2001 to trigger its own inter-college Gatka competitors. The college is actually performing all India inter-varsity Gatka tournament given that 2011.


Earlier Gatka guidelines were prepared by Major Kartar Singh Akali (Director Physical, R.S.D College Ferozepur) in 1936. As Necessary the Gatka Federation of India and Punjab Gatka Association have taken on the regular sports outfit (i.e. Track Suits or T-shirt along with shorts, Sneakers and also a faceguard) for Gatka gamers as a new dress regulation to play Gatka video game with all competitions to make it a Cosmopolitan Sport.

The Gatka Referees as well as instructors additionally puts on recommended sporting activities outfits during the course of matches. To keep as well as market the Gatka video game, the Gatka Federations plans pair of sorts of competitions namely “Virsa Sambhal” sports and also tournaments competitions. The gamers put on typical Banas (apparel) in the previous and sporting activities costumes in the later.


  1. It is actually a special as well as low-cost fine art to guard & display fighting skills and a better physical exercise for self-control.
  2. It is actually likewise indicated to make it possible for young people to remain agile as well as well-balanced by keeping all of them away from the hazard of substance abuse and also various other narcotics to lead a regimented and also pious lifestyle.
  3. Gatka instills sportsmanship, promotes fitness as well as positive social interaction.
  4. Gatka activity builds up as well as lifts wonderful personality developing values. It additionally establishes the gentle qualities of self-respect, endurance, stillness, self-control, self-control as well as the capacity to take punishment without grumbling.
  5. Gatka method increases cardio health and fitness, improves adaptability and also balance of muscles.
  6. Gatka activity minimizes body weight throughout battles & instruction. It always keeps body notification, energetic, energised and also vibrant.
  7. Gatka boosts metabolism, burn calories and strengthens respiration and also intestinal system.
  8. Last certainly not the least, Gatka is actually thus stimulating and also remarkable that it delivers recreation as well as enjoyment

Gatka is an ancient fighting technique participated in with wooden sticks and also named Gatka fine art (stick-fighting). During the course of the British colonial regulation in the 19th century in India, the British at some point banned Sword, Neja, Gatka and the Sikhs’ customized of carrying swords thus as to avoid defiance and also anti-colonial sentiments.

The Panjab University at Lahore, currently developed at Chandigarh, is the pioneer college in Gatka sporting activity as it had been coordinating inter-college and inter-varsity Gatka events routinely prior to dividing of India and also composed Gatka rules in 1936 for playing Gatka as a video game in sporting activities outfit.

The Gatka Referees and coaches likewise uses proposed sports attires during suits. To preserve as well as promote the Gatka game, the Gatka Federations arranges 2 types of competitions such as “Virsa Sambhal” tournaments and sporting activities competitions.

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