Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot: Bird Species Profile

This medium-sized parrot along with the long title is just one of the best preferred pet types of the Amazon parrot group, because of its striking color as well as its unparalleled mimicry capability. The double yellow-headed Amazon parrot can easily also discover to copy opera vocal singing, which might be why it has been actually a popular animal due to the fact that the 1500s.

Types Overview
COMMON NAME: Double yellow-headed Amazon parrot, yellow-headed parrot, yellow-headed Amazon

TAXONOMIC NAME: Amazona oratrix

GROWNUP SIZE: From 15 to 17 ins, some of the larger parrot assortments

EXPECTATION OF LIFE: 60 years old typically; some may reside 80 years or even more under excellent shapes

Origin and History

Belonging to Mexico and also Central as well as South America, this parrot’s pure environment is woods as well as timbers near water. Habitat devastation as well as holding for the pet business have actually severely met halfway the varieties of the dual yellow-headed Amazon parrot in bush; just a couple of 1000 crazy birds stay.

The International Association of Preservation of Nature and also Natural Funds classifies this bird as a jeopardized varieties. International treaties right now make it prohibited to catch, transport, or very own wild-caught birds. Captive-bred birds could be legally sold and also possessed, though records is actually required.

A handful of presented wild teams of dual yellow-headed Amazon parrots live in varied areas, featuring Stuttgart, Germany, and many sites in southern California.


When hand-fed coming from a young grow older, these birds may be caring pets. They’re intelligent, have exceptional “speaking” potential, and they adore to become the centerpiece. Nonetheless, complications might take place when an owner is unwilling or even unable to give the parrot the focus it demands.

Like several parrots, double yellow-headed Amazons might go through a hormone bluffing phase as they approach sexual maturation (grow older 4 months to 1 year). If you possess little ones who are going to be actually interacting along with the bird, it might be actually much better to pick a different species if you intend to obtain a teen or young parrot.

The dual yellow-headed Amazon tends to connection with one designated relative. You can easily prevent this through making certain that a number of loved one manage the bird on a regular basis, especially when it is actually youthful. Hand-feeding by all loved one will certainly reduce the bird’s possibility to bond along with just one person.

Speech as well as Vocalizations

This species is actually the most ideal resemble of all the Amazon parrots and also is second just to the African gray parrot in its potential to find out expressions and terms.

It is also a noisy, energetic bird, prone to shrieking treatments two times a time, at sunrise and also twilight. These loud vocalisms are ordinary for this varieties. Yelling can come to be an issue if the bird screams all day, which can easily occur if the bird is tired due to a lack of interest or mental stimulation.

Dual Yellow-Headed Amazon Colors and also Markings

As its name proposes, this bird possesses a yellow head; the remainder of its own body system is environment-friendly. There is actually a band of white colored around the eyes, as well as the beak is actually horn-colored. In young birds, the scalp features some dark grey, yet gradually, the crown comes to be gradually extra yellowish along with each molt.

In younger birds, there are small locations of reddish on the shoulder. The adult head colour does not completely embeded in up until the bird is at minimum 6 years old. The proportion of yellowish might progressively boost as the bird grows older.

Males and females appear the very same. To tell them apart, your bird will definitely require genetic testing or operative sexing technique.

Taking care of the Double Yellow-Headed Amazon

The double yellow-headed Amazon is a powerful bird that ases if to clamber around its own given location, and also it enjoys to fly if there suffices area. It is a solid bird that could be damaging; cage products need to be sturdy steel. Offer your bird the biggest crate that is actually useful and pack it along with playthings. At a basic minimum required, a cage needs to be 3 feet square with an action fitness center on the top. Outfit the cage with perches of numerous measurements.

Be sure to deliver this bird along with toys that may be happily abused, including products produced coming from wood, leather, and acrylic. An obliterated plaything equates to effectiveness to a bird; it’s pleasing to them. Without adequate toys to cut, this bird might specify its own direct home furniture and other personal belongings. Challenging toys are a must for this bird: a bored dual yellow-headed Amazon is going to quickly come to be a damaging one.

All Amazon parrots prosper on social interaction, as well as they need it to remain pleased and also healthy. Ignored birds may become miserable and also damaging, which can easily manifest on its own in different bodily and mental troubles.

Allow the parrots to shower or even soak in a birdbath at least weekly to ensure skin and feather health and wellness.

Common Health Issues

  • birds are typically healthy, long-lived birds, however they lean to a number of diseases:
  • Polyomavirus, a popular contamination that can result in anorexia nervosa as well as weight loss
  • Chlamydiosis, a microbial disease that presents along with fluffed plumes and also nasal discharge

Nutritional insufficiencies (vitamin A) or excessive weight; a balanced diet plan and normal exercise can easily keep this in examination.

Diet regimen and also Nutrition parrots eat an assortment of seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, and vegetation in bush. In bondage, a dual yellow-headed needs a premium pelleted diet regimen nutritional supplemented with seed mix and daily servings of new bird-safe vegetables and fruits. A diverse diet plan will assist guarantee that your bird is getting the balanced nourishment it requires.

Feed roughly 1/3 to 1/2 cup of pelleted food items and 1/3 to 1/2 cup of new vegetables and fruits daily. A raw and also varied diet will definitely help make sure that your bird keeps leading nourishment.

Make sure the bird is actually supplied foods high in vitamin A; this bird leans to shortage. Calcium is additionally essential for the double yellow-headed Amazon parrot.

Where to Adopt or even Purchase a Double Yellow-Headed Amazon

If you’re interested in owning a dual yellow-headed, contact regional bird dog breeders to view if you can plan a see with them as well as their birds. It is actually unlikely you’ll be able to discover a healthy (as well as real) double yellow-headed Amazon just dog outlets. You’ll get a little knowledge right into whether it will certainly be a really good fit for your lifestyle if you may receive to know the bird a little bit of just before taking it residence.

Before obtaining a double yellow-headed Amazon coming from a bird outlet or even dog breeder, inspection animal homes as well as rescue associations. They may cost from $2,000 to $3,000 coming from a dog breeder. Online resources can easily aim you in the ideal direction of dog breeders or even rescues:

  • Bird Dog breeders
  • Birds Currently
  • Take on an Animal

If purchasing through a breeder, see to it you talk to the dog breeder, consider the general wellness of their birds, take a look at their lifestyle situations, as well as speak with previous customers. Indications you must steer clear of the dog breeder feature confined lifestyle ailments, less active birds, as well as breeders who prevent your concerns or even carry out not seem to have much info on their birds.

If you possess little youngsters who will certainly be connecting with the bird, it may be actually much better to pick a various types if you organize to acquire a teen or young parrot.

Yelling can easily end up being a trouble if the bird howls all day long, which can easily take place if the bird is bored as a result of to an absence of attention or psychological stimulation.

Challenging playthings are a needs to for this bird: a bored dual yellow-headed Amazon will quickly become a damaging one.

If you are actually intrigued in having a double yellow-headed, connect with local area bird dog breeders to see if you can arrange a see along with them and their birds. Just before buying a dual yellow-headed coming from a bird shop or dog breeder, inspection pet sanctuaries and rescue organizations.

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